Easy Ways to be an Effective Parent

Parenting is not an easy task, so we’ve compiled a bank of some simple, yet effective ways to successfully parent, without it becoming an elaborate or complicated task.

Set Appropriate Limits

Take Charge
Children need limits, this helps them to manage and understand society. Setting boundaries is a way of showing love to your child, this allows them to explore and discover their world in a safe way.

Let Them be Independent
Children want independence, especially toddlers and teens. When they are capable of taking on a new responsibility, let them. Give them chores that are age appropriate like putting away toys for a toddler or having your teen run an errand for you. Giving a child responsibility is good for their self-esteem and help you out.

Let Them Fix Their Own Messes
Give your kids an opportunity to find their own solutions. It’s good to acknowledge your child’s frustrations, but give them some time before rushing to help them. This will teach them self-reliance, resilience and patience.

Discipline and Punishment Are Not the Same Thing
Disciplining your children and enforcing limits is important, as it teaches children how to behave in society and how to be competent, caring people.

Choose Your Battles
Too many rules will cause your child to turn off completely. Learn to let the little things go and focus on the things that matter – for example: hitting, rudeness or lying.