Home Remedies: 7 Natural Pain Relievers for Children

Even a scraped knee is something we wish a child wouldn’t have to suffer. Although there are many over the counter medications available made specifically for children, for instance, if your child has a runny nose or cough. However, many parents believe that using natural remedies is the better way to handle their child’s health concerns. Moreover, medication is not usually recommended for child three months old or younger.

Read below to learn more about seven natural pain relief options for children. However, please keep in mind that these remedies are to be used for minor health concerns. If your child is in severe pain, seek medical attention right away. There is no way that baking soda, for instance, is going to be much help if your child has a sprained ankle or severe ear infection.

1. Honey and Lemon Juice

If your child complains of a sore throat, before running to the local pharmacy for some medication try a combination of honey and lemon juice. While the lemon can help to clear up congestion since it has antioxidant properties, the honey provides a soothing sensation. Research has shown that, at least in one study, honey on its own provided better cough relief than cough medication.

For best results, take a tablespoon of honey and mix it with one tablespoon of fresh lemon juice and warm it up in the microwave (be careful not to leave it in for too long as a burnt throat is not the desired result). Give it to your child, one teaspoon at a time. Keep in mind, however, that it is not recommended to give honey to children under one year.