Getting Pregnant While Breastfeeding

When you’ve your baby and choose to breastfeed, you might think you’re protected against getting pregnant. Women who’re breastfeeding exclusively and don’t use formula will usually not ovulate, at least for the first 6 months. Which implies that you could become pregnant while breastfeeding and should consider yourself to be fertile at any moment. Signs of ovulation during lactation may be subtle. For that reason, you need to think approximately fertility as soon as you deliver, even when you’re planning on breastfeeding your kid. It means you’ve to think of a way not to get pregnant that’s safe while breastfeeding.

Speak with your physician about the numerous methods accessible to you to use while breastfeeding. There are numerous methods you may use to prevent a maternity while breastfeeding. You should use the lactational amenorrhea approach to avoiding pregnancy. Fundamentally, this means exclusively breastfeeding without integration with formula. This inhibits ovulation so you cannot get pregnant. For this method to be efficient in preventing a pregnancy, the child must be under six months of age, your period shouldn’t have returned, and you do not have long time periods whenever you are not breastfeeding. If, for instance, your child is taking solids or a supplemental formulation, the lactational amenorrhea method won’t work.

It may be as high as 2 percentage if you do not use this method perfectly. If you’re separated from your baby for long time periods or should express breast milk, the lactational ovulation technique may be less efficient. You may also try to become abstinent while breastfeeding. You may also use the methods that women who aren’t breastfeeding can use, like taking your temperature daily, examining your cervical mucous, and charting signs of ovulation. You should use the withdrawal technique to prevent a maternity. The withdrawal technique fails about 4 percentage of the time. Barrier methods work by stopping sperm from entering the womb.