10 Ways to Keep your Family and Pets Safe from Rabies

Although, luckily due to vaccines, rabies is much more uncommon today than it has been in the past, it is still an issue that has an impact today. Rabies is such a problem because it is easily transferred and is also potentially fatal. Since animals can contract rabies and also pass it on to humans and other animals, it is essential that pets be vaccinated within their first year (usually between 12 and 24 weeks of age) and then every few years thereafter. If you don’t believe us, talk to any veterinarian or vet tech and ask them to recount the horrors of having to deal with an animal that has contracted rabies. Keep reading to learn about what else you should know about rabies in order to keep you and your family safe (including your pets, of course).

Avoid Keeping Wild Animals as Pets

It might be tempting to keep a wild animal as a pet; however many of them are not legally allowed to be pets for good reason. Millions of these wild animals are kept as pets within the United States. Since they know that they are not allowed to have these pets, more often than not owners do not get them vaccinated for fear that they will be punished for having them. However, this is dangerous at it puts them, their neighbours, and neighbourhood pets at risk. Do everyone a favour, and do not keep wild animals as pets. It is not worth the potential danger of rabies and other diseases, not to mention the potential of behavioural issues such as biting and scratching.